Fillanthropy Facts

Fact, bottled water costs between .25 and $2.50 per bottled whereas tap water is essentially free.

Research has shown that most students at CLU drink two water bottles a day. Over the course of a semester, a normal student will drink 238 bottles of water, 71 more than the average American.

Students at California Lutheran University buy 1569 drinks at A la Carte – one of CLU’s student stores – per day. One out of every four of these beverage purchases is a hard plastic water bottle. At this rate (390 water bottles per day) for an entire semester, Cal Lutheran’s student body will buy approximately 33,150 water bottles, or, roughly one water bottle per student per week.

Some things to consider about the number of water bottles purchased at A la Carte during one semester:

• If you buy 2 water bottles per day - like many CLU students - at $1.50 a bottle, each student could save $357 per semester