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December 11

Vermont: Gay Marriage? OK. Bottled Water? Not OK.

Posted on December 11, 2009 @ 1:09pm

Representative Jim McCullough of Vermont is pushing the Vermont government to end their purchasing of bottled water and instead switch to tap water.  McCullough claims his desire for the change is related to the environmental concerns which are associated with the production, packaging and transportation of bottled water.  Intertwined with this though, is the additional concern of cost.  In a time of layoffs, how can a government justify spending $228,874 a year purchasing bottled water for their employees?  He just doesn't get it, and I totally agree.  
McCullough stated "public dollars spent to support private water interests robs the public water system of available dollars.  Many of these dollars could instead be spent to be sure tap water is safe."  Again, I agree.  
It's big business, people.  Big business, advertising revenue and invested stake in a product.  Someone, at sometime, had the brilliant idea that adding packaging to something, which can be attained by most for little to no cost, could make them an insane amount of money.  And they were right.  But now we must wean ourselves off the idea, and just drink the water.  Water, from a cheap, clean and easily accessible source.  Like, for instance, your kitchen sink.  And if you're worried what comes out of your faucet is not clean, maybe you should do like McCullough and urge your local government to quit buying their employees fancy, bottled water and instead clean up the public water in your area.  Because that's their job.  And a government job description shouldn't include 'a daily bottle of water'.

November 30

Oh Canada!

Posted on November 30, 2009 @ 1:06am

Gotta love the Canadians.  A declaration backed by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Union of Public Employees stressed the need for a national water policy which recognizes water as a human right, and fights to protect Canada's water resources which are threatened by privatization and.....wait for it....the bottled-water industry.
Governments are being asked to establish national enforceable guidelines for drinking water, work to stop sanitation problems and exclude water as a commodity from the North American Free Trade Agreement.
If laws such as these were passed, it would make it much more difficult for the bottled-water industry to continue to sell enormous quantities of bottled "fresh" water.  That is, standards of water quality would be set, therefore not allowing the sale of bottled tap water to continue north of the US border.
Hopefully we'll take a hint from our neighbors and start to implement similar laws in the near future.

November 19

The Copenhagen push.

Posted on November 19, 2009 @ 4:47pm

See, here's the thing about Copenhagen.  It's kind of a big deal.  It’s kind of a huge deal.  Because, think about it.  I can bring reusable shopping bags to Trader Joes when buying my 100% post-consumer recycled toilet paper.  I can ride my bike to the farmers market and turn lights off when I leave the room to conserve energy resources.  But the changes that countries, governments and huge corporations can make are the changes that will have the greater impact. 

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t choose more sustainable options in our daily lives.  It means that in addition to these decisions, we must also take part in the changes our governments are implementing.  Our voices must be heard and our environment must be protected. 

Check out organizations such as and for more information.

November 19

Just filter as you la la la la la la...

Posted on November 19, 2009 @ 4:46pm

The day has come, boys and filter as you drink.  Or so proclaims the new Hydros Bottle, available by the end of 2009, which filters heavy metals and toxins out of tap water while you drink.  Amazing!
One recyclable filter lasts for 320 refills...which amounts to a saving of nearly $500 when compared to purchasing bottled water.  Again....amazing!
Go get your own.  Visit to do so.

November 10

Rainwater Rant

Posted on November 10, 2009 @ 12:10pm

As the winter storms approach, all I hear about is rain barrel
this, rain barrel that.  It may not
be the latest, but it certainly is the greatest way to harvest rainwater for
reuse.  If you have a roof and
gutters you’re pretty much set. 
Plus, it can save you a significant amount of money every month on water

But, there is time involved for installation, or if you can’t
be bothered with it, then a small cost is required to hire someone to do it for
you.  And then there’s
maintenance.  If you live in an
area where the temperature drops below freezing in the winter, you must drain
and properly store your barrel to prevent cracks.  All of this takes time and dedication.  So the real question is…do you really
care enough?

It reminds me of those old anti-smoking ads that were quite
popular when I was younger.  Huge
piles of expensive things were shown, ranging of big-screen TVs to skis,
vacations and car payments.  All
these things you could have, and all you had to do was give up smoking.  The campaign ended because it wasn’t as
successful as one might think.  The
thing is…people don’t care.  They’re
happy to stick with their habit, knowing the damage it causes, because they are
addicted.  No pile of swag they
could potentially have is going to make them quit.  And it’s the same thing regarding water conservation.

We’re addicted to convenience.  Whether it’s buying water in plastic bottles because it’s “fresh”
and “clean” and we don’t have to filter it ourselves, or simply turning your
hose on and watering your front garden with city water, and not having to go
through the small hassle of setting up your own system of catching and
reclaiming water.

We’re lazy.  But
that doesn’t mean we can’t change. 
Just like people can up and quit smoking cold turkey, we can prove to
ourselves we’re stronger by making daily changes in our lives that benefit the

So quit making excuses and go buy a rain barrel.  Excuses don’t work anymore, not that
they ever really did.  It’s time
for some dedicated action.

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